About "BioKat" LLC

BIOKAT Ltd. was established in 2003. First products of company were tan, kefir and 12% fat cream. Now company produces 30 types of high quality dairy products. BIOKAT company takes care of those clients who prefer diet products and company produces also low fat products for them.
In the production BIOKAT Company uses only natural milk excluding existence of dry milk. Milk delivers from Aragats and Aparan regions (the height is 1800 meters above sea level, very important condition for the quality of the milk). After a thorough study of the quality of the milk here only the density of water and fat contained in dairy votes are checked in laboratory conditions (we cooperate with the Sanitary Epidemiologic Station and Haypetstandarti).
The other reason of producing high quality dairy products is the yeasts which are brought from Europe. This is explained by high-price policy to comply with already loyal customer demand. In 2010 Biokat Company built a new factory and equipped the plant with modern equipments which ensures production of high quality products.
Biokat company started production of ice-cream in 2010.Today company produces 17 types of ice-cream with 5 different tastes. Staying loyal to its policy company produces ice- cream again using only natural milk and butter.