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BIOKAT Ltd. was established in 2003. First products of company were tan, kefir and 12% fat cream.


Useful properties of sour cream

Have you heard about the useful properties of this dairy product?

In addition to regulating metabolism, sour cream also և և

• Promotes the growth of bones, teeth և hair և,

• improves human reproductive function;

• calms the nerves,

• Contains B vitamins, C, PP և E vitamins that are important for the body.


Did you know that sour cream:

• Exclusively Slavic product. Sour cream was discovered during the existence of Kian Russia.

• At that time sour cream was made from sour milk. The fresh product was left for some time, after which the top layer, the cream, was removed and left to acidify.

• Sour cream affects a person's hormonal background. In men, it stimulates the production of testosterone, and in women it stimulates the production of estrogen, which improves libido.

• To reduce the amount of cholesterol in your sandwich, replace the butter with sour cream. It will turn out just as delicious, but more useful.

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