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BIOKAT Ltd. was established in 2003. First products of company were tan, kefir and 12% fat cream.


BIOKAT was one of the sponsors of the seminar

One of the sponsors of the LIvents seminar-brunch "Learning to eat right, take care of your skin and manage hormones" was the company BIOKAT, which prepared entertainment and gifts for all participants.

We would like to mention some of the advantages of BIOKAT.

• The most important advantage is, of course, composition. BIOKAT dairy products are made from whole milk without additives.

• BIOKAT offers both low fat and low fat dairy products. This means that Biocat products can appeal to those looking to lose weight or those looking to lose weight.

• The range of BIOKAT is extensive. milk, delicious yoghurts, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese and even ice cream.

• BIOKAT products are delicious. By the way, one of the speakers of the seminar, nutritionist Shagik Minasyan, noted that he advises all his clients to use the dairy products of this company, based on its composition.

We believe that everyone who tries the products of our company for the first time will become regular customers of BIOKAT.

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